Appropriate Urgent Care Visits vs. Emergency Room

emergency vs urgent care

I realize there are some grey areas. I starred the ones that depend on the situation. At the same time I tried to make it as clear as possible.

Simple lacerations Deep laceration

Lacerations on face that you may want a plastic surgeon to repair

Asthma exacerbation Chest pain*
Bronchitis or upper respiratory infection “I can’t breath”
Sinusitis Anaphylaxis (including swelling in face/mouth)
Cellulitis (skin infection)* Dehydration*
Suspected fracture* Avulsion or amputation of digits
Back pain Stroke symptoms (facial paralysis, weakness in one side of body)
Ingrown toenails* Unable to urinate for extended time
Strep throat Trauma to head or neck
Superficial splinters Deep splinters
Urinary tract infection UTI symptoms with fevers
Vaginitis and or STD Post epi-pen injection
Pneumonia* Fall and pain all over body
Excruciating pain anywhere on body
Glucose over 300*
Abdominal pain*


This is a short list of what you can expect will and will not be treated in an urgent care setting. If you have any questions about any of the starred complaints then please comment below. I will not answer any specific questions about you or someone you may know. This chart should not be misinterpreted as medical advice and I ultimately encourage you to make your own decisions.

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